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Who needs a headshot and should I be getting one?

The answer is – almost everybody nowadays needs a headshot. It sets the tone of what message the person is trying to convey professionalism.

Where to use a headshot

The world is getting increasingly digital every day. Your headshot will be used in many different places and on numerous occasions:

    • your personal or your company websites, collaterals, social media channels
    • if you participate in media opportunities, where you could potentially be interviewed or profiled
    • for event promotion where you could be speaking.

Surely, you should have a professional headshot ready to provide in all such situations.

Excuses not to have a headshot

Many professionals think they are able to survive in the business world without a professional headshot. Or they find it difficult to carve time out of a busy schedule. Or they think it’s a lengthy process. However there are certain fields of activity and professions where a professional headshot is necessary in order to have a successful career. For example, lawyers, businessmen, real estate agents, public figures, models, and actors. Even artists and performers now need professional headshots.   

People expected to have headshots

We have outlined several industries and positions, where a professional headshot is absolutely necessary:

    • Businessmen and Entrepreneurs

Businessmen and Entrepreneurs have immense pressure to show the outside world that they have what it takes to succeed. And that’s where a professional photo will really help. It is often the first impression others have of you, and it needs to demonstrate confidence and business acumen. And when your business grows, you should also update your headshot regularly. And make it professional-looking to show the world how well you carry yourself professionally.

    • People engaged in professional services (i.e. consultants, real estate agents, lawyers, financial experts and many more)

Professional services are closely tied to first impressions. Your photo will be the first impression the clients will have of you. It may even help to demonstrate your professional skills. Moreover, headshots are often used in advertisements and proposals to clients. And if you don’t have a good-quality and updated photo, it diminishes the quality of the proposal.

Inspire confidence

Having a great headshot is a sure way to inspire confidence in clients. It also adds a personal touch to the services you are offering.

    • Public figures

If you are in the public eye, you know for sure how important a photo is. Since the world is increasingly driven by social media, public figures have an especially vital need for a professional headshot. It helps them to retain control over the kind of image portrayed through their photos. At the same time adding a personal touch to them. And to achieve that, it’s much more efficient to invest in a photo made by a professional photographer. 

    • People using LinkedIn, Freelance website and platforms 

When you are trying to reach out to others in a professional setting, a professional headshot should always be the profile picture. Many recruiters use the profile picture as a way to study your personality and professional level. Using low-quality pictures as the main picture is not the best choice. Use a professional headshot to convey your message and to demonstrate that you are active.

    • Aspiring models and actors

A professional headshot is absolutely imperative in these industries. Having a professional headshot is a standard practice that demonstrates you are serious about your profession because casting agencies base their decisions on the first impression. Professional headshots are meant to make a statement and to show your personality.

If you fall into these categories, you should definitely have a good-quality professional headshot or update it if you have taken one previously. Follow some simple guidelines to ensure that you get the results you want.
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