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5 Reasons Why your Headshot must be made by Professional Photographer

Is your phone an option?

I can take a headshot with my phone! – why do I need to have a professional photographer service?

Taking a business portrait seems pretty simple, right? But that’s not really true if you want your photo to become an efficient marketing tool. People associate your business with your face, that’s why it’s so important to have a professional headshot. Using your phone to take a headshot for your career just isn’t Ok. When you take a selfie, your phone distorts the image and the picture doesn’t look clean.

Reasons to use the professional photographer

Besides that, professional photographers understand the various aspects of making an ideal headshot, and they can provide you with quality photographs that are bound to have a positive impact on your business. A high-quality headshot allows you to make a tremendous first impression. Here are just a couple of reasons why you need a professional photographer for your headshot:

    1. First impression!

When meeting a person, we don’t know, we only get one chance to make a first impression. In the digital world professional headshot is your chance to reach your future clients or job opportunities, it reflects your personal brand and your company as well. To recover from a poor first impression is much harder than doing it right. In personal and professional life, the inferences people make looking at you can build or break your relationship. That is why a professional business portrait is so important for your first and only impression. You can easily agree that losing potential clients because of a badly made photo is very unpleasant!

I often ask my clients during the photoshoots, about the clients and customers they want to reach, about the values essential for their business. This type of conversation helps me build the photo composition better, and to assist my clients in getting into the right mood for the photo. Sometimes even the most professional people may feel shy or tense or uncomfortable when their photos are taken. And if a photo reflects such emotions, other people will definitely feel that. That’s why I find that my priority task is to create content that is both visually beautiful and filled with the right emotions.

    1. Trust

A nice business photo helps you show other people that you really care about their opinion. Most people prefer to see who they will be working with. Business is not something de-personalized – it’s the story of the person who created it and about the values he/she brings into this world. Besides, if you show that you care, people are far more likely to believe that you are trustworthy, dedicated, and successful. If you use an old photo for a long time, without updating it, this might project the idea that you are not really striving for success, or that you are sloppy, or distracted.

    1. A great investment

If you are wondering whether the cost of hiring an experienced professional headshot photographer is worth it, I can tell you that investing in a professional headshot will bring great results. Updating your online presence and making it better will bring even better exposure for you and your business. Just think of how many new clients you will attract, new relationships you will establish, and the profit all this will bring. Hiring a professional photographer is a small price to pay for a wealth of new business.

4. High quality

Professionals know what they are doing and have experience with the photo technique. Surely, people today are very good at taking selfies. However, a selfie just isn’t enough for business purposes. Professional headshot photographers pay attention to many nuances that have probably never crossed anyone’s mind while taking a selfie: light, shadow, depth, composition, lines, and vantage points

    1. The right message.

A professional photographer comprehends the psychology of a headshot. Thanks to years of experience and deep knowledge in the photography industry, we know exactly how to convey the perfect message to your audience through a photo. Whether you are an attorney who wants to be fierce and powerful, or maybe trustworthy and approachable, a businessman, real estate agent, or financial expert wanting your potential clients to know that you are reliable and trustworthy, or an artist who needs to look creative – whatever image you want to convey, we will do our best to make it happen. We will help you select the outfits, poses, backgrounds, and lighting patterns, get into the right image and mood to create a headshot that tells a story about your character and values.

A professional headshot is absolutely priceless and conveys various information to your potential clients. Feel free to contact us to learn more about getting professional headshot photos.