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One off photoshoot

Discover Unique Corporate Portraiture with Photographer in Amsterdam

Looking for a skilled photographer in Amsterdam to capture your corporate essence?

Our company offers two exceptional kinds of One off photoshoots. This options tailored to your needs, whether you need to photograph up to a maximum of 20 people.

Book your photoshoot in Amsterdam and Randstad Area now

2-hour Photoshoot

We offer a 2-hour photoshoot for €590 exc. VAT%


  • All photoshoot: 120+ pictures*
  • 15 edited business portraits of your employees
  • Bonus: 5+ photos from the “A Day in Life” package
  • Post-production within 7 working days
  •  Extra editing: €7/photo exc. VAT%

5-hour Photoshoot

We offer a 5-hour photoshoot for €1450 exc. VAT%


  • All photoshoot: 350+ pictures
  • 50+ edited portraits of your employees
  • Bonus: 20+ photos from the “A Day in Life” package
  • You can use this offer in one day or spread it over 2 days, sufficient for business portraits of 20 employees
  • Post-production within 14 working days
  • Extra editing: €7/photo

Photoshoot Process:

  1. Booking and Planning:
    • Clients contact us to book a photoshoot
    • We discuss the details, such as the duration (2-hour, 5-hour, or more), location, light (natural or artificial), and any specific requirements
  2. Preparation:
    • Clients prepare for the photoshoot by deciding on outfits and understanding the goals of the session
    • We provide PDF guidance on what to wear and bring
  3. Photoshoot Day:
    • On the day of the photoshoot, photographer arrives at the agreed-upon location
    • We set up equipment and lighting to ensure high-quality images
  4. Capturing Moments:
    • During the session, photographer works to capture a variety of shots, including portraits and candid moments
    • For corporate photoshoots, individual and group portraits are typically taken
    • When a photographer works with team portraiture, it is important to put each person in their time slot. And to be sure no one is in the room. Only the photographer and the employee
  5. Image Selection:
    • After the photoshoot, we provide a series of portraits to each employee via email within 7 – 10 working days. Each person can privately choose their preferred portraits.
    • Clients can choose their preferred portraits from the set; usually, it depends on the number of employees
  6. Post-Production:
    • Selected images undergo post-production, including editing and retouching
  7. Delivery:
    • After selection, the pictures undergo post-production and will be delivered within another 14 working days
    • Different file formats are provided, such as TIFF for print and JPG for digital + a small JPG tailored for LinkedIn profiles
  8. Options for Picture Rights:
    • Clients have the option to purchase entire picture rights, granting them full usage control. For more information contact us
  9. Customer Support:
  • Our team remains available for any questions or additional support throughout the process
  1. Travel Considerations:
  • Travel costs are clarified based on the location of the photoshoot

We are here to help you and answer all your questions. Our company offers are made specifically for our clients. As a photographer, I personally control all small details. I come to see the venue, check the website, and review the content of the company. I like to contact the marketing department to deliver the maximum result for all the content you need. 

Inhouse photographer

Your priority is volume

This service is specifically developed for clients that purchase photo services amounting above €15.000. This option is made to cover a photoshoot for a company with a big number of employees. 

Every big company has new employees coming every week and month. Assume that you’re expecting 20 new joiners next month, and 30 more in two months. You want to update their headshots for your corporate website or internal communication channels, that’s when the in-house photographer service makes perfect sense for your organization.

The process

    • Starting from 40 hours, a volume discount is applicable.
    • You can use these hours during a 6 months period and apply them flexibly.
    • After ordering this service you only make 20% of prepayment. The rest of the amount is to be paid after each photoshoot in parts.
    • As a bonus, we offer you 3 hours of “A day life” photoshoot as a compliment!
    • Post-production is within 35 working days. 

Monthly Flex

Your priority is flexibility

We offer you a photo service that you can use during 3 months and apply it flexibly, using different packages and for different employees. This service is based on a common agreement, notifying us about the need for the photo service two weeks in advance.

The process

    • Starting from 15 hours a volume discount of 3% discount is applicable. Then you only make 20% of prepayment. The rest of the amount is to be paid after each photoshoot in parts.
    • As a bonus, we offer you 2 hours of “A day life” photoshoot as a compliment!
    • Post-production is within 20 days.
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