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Marfa Vasilieva

Founder and photographer

Business Photo NL Story

Discover a one-of-a-kind photo service in the heart of Amsterdam and throughout the Netherlands with Marfa, a seasoned professional photographer boasting 18 years of expertise.

Having delighted over 4000 clients, Marfa’s background in photography, psychology, marketing, and arts uniquely shapes her approach.

As a personal and advertising photographer, Marfa is fascinated by the challenge of expressing company values through capturing the spirit of a brand.

Her keen eye for small details such as colors and lighting brings a fluttering quality to her photography, much like composing a piece of music.

Embark on a visual journey where Marfa meticulously crafts each project, expertly examining company spaces, perfecting lighting, and offering invaluable insights on outfit coloring.

Phototherapy Method in Amsterdam – Marfa’s Unique Approach

Marfa has pioneered her own patented Phototherapy method since 2011, dedicated to fostering self-esteem and body positivity. Her commitment to building trust is evident in her supportive and attentive demeanor, recognizing the potential harm that poorly executed photography can inflict on an individual’s self-perception and a business’s image.

Through simple questions and a personalized approach, Marfa creates a relaxing photo experience. Her artistic and photo-therapeutic background makes each session enjoyable and fun, with the ultimate goal of delivering outstanding results. She effortlessly dispels the notion of “I’m not photogenic,” showcasing her powerful ability to capture the essence of each individual.

Corporate Photographer in Amsterdam Capturing Your Essence                           

Describing herself as a photographer genuinely interested in people, Marfa shares, “To make a person inspired and more relaxed during the shoot I often ask – what is your occupation? What do you like the most in your profession and why? What is the essence of your work, its value for the society as a whole and for a single person?

I am interested in finding out values about different professions and their roles. I like to connect to people and to see their personality and skills diversity.

Each profession has importance, history of challenges, millions of decisions and hours of hard work. All this inspires me and I want to express it in my photography. Every person is unique and interesting, we are all attractive.

To build a bridge of trust is hard, but it is possible.

My work trains me to look in the depth of the person. Maybe I’m too serious about my job, but I like the outcome. I’m very happy when people love their portraits.” – tells photographer.

Experience professional headshot photography in Amsterdam with Marfa. Elevate your professional image and LinkedIn profile with high-quality images that reflect your personal brand and identity.

Explore Marfa’s Artworks: and – her passion for phototherapy and the human side of photography.


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Vita de Geus

Business Foto NL has become our in-house photographer and we are very happy with this collaboration.

We organized a photoshoot of all 150 employees in a number of sessions and everyone was happy about the process and results. Now we let all newcomers come to one of the shooting sessions each quarter with Marfa. In such a way we have the same style of business photography for all our purposes: pitches and presentations, website and intranet, LinkedIn, and personal social media usage. As a guardian of the brand it’s an efficient way for me to work with Business Photo NL. But the most value is in a very personal approach of Marfa, who takes it as long as needed to make every single person at ease and let them shine.

Our collaboration is definitely to be continued for many more years.

Vita de Geus
Head of Marketing
Cardano ACTIAM

Erika Dobo

Dear Friends, I went to the photoshoot last time with all my doubts, with my “huge” self-confidence and of course with my big curiosity. I really enjoyed my time; the atmosphere was friendly and relaxed. And what is most important I am happy with the outcome. I liked the creativity of the photographer. So, I can just recommend you to try it. Thank you, Marfa!

Nini Bichinashvili

Nini Bichinashvili

I was surprised with the great result straightaway so it gave me much confidence and desire to do more. Doing a Photo session is totally out of my comfort zone, so I would never think I would enjoy the process. You have overdelivered on my expectations. I was expecting a more exhausting process, starting with the session, choosing one good shot, etc..

Everything went pretty smooth, pleasant process from A to Z.

I needed one headshot for the company profile, but I also got value added, business-casual photos of very high quality which I could use for all other social media, e.g. Instagram.

15 min Photoshoot, with many business photos of very high quality.

Thanks for the beautiful pictures, I have placed them on my company profile, as well as LinkedIn and IG, and got millions of compliments, of course, I am giving all credits to you. Again, many thanks for the lovely process and great results.

Sergio Andreozzi

I got the beautiful pics you made of me. Thanks a lot for the great work, it was fun. And yes, I need to learn to relax more otherwise I risk the funny dance. 

Sergio Andreozzi
Albert Beijert

Albert Beijert

Our session was fun and people still enjoy the photos!

Adda van Zanden

Thank you, Marfa! Pics look great!! difficult to choose 3!


Dawn Jenkin

Love my pics!  You are amazing! We did a shoot some years ago. I still get compliments on all of those you did! 

Sven Lippert

Hello Marfa, thanks a lot for your great Pictures. I like them a lot.


Chaarvee Malkani 

Hi Marfa, it was lovely to work with you too! You were very helpful and patient, truly appreciate it.