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Team Photoshoot

Let your team represent your brand effectively 

The face of your company

Your team is the face of your company. They represent your services and products, they impersonate your brand. Especially on your website you want your team to be represented effectively, professionally, personally, and according to your corporate style and values. 

Make your team shine

We perfectly understand how difficult it is sometimes to organize people for business portrait photoshoots and how many people do not like this process. So specifically for teams, we have created a service that combines a personal approach and time-saving. With proven tips and tricks we will get people excited about the photoshoot and relaxed on the picture. 

What is a Team Photoshoot?

A team photoshoot is not a photoshoot of your whole team on the same picture. During the team photoshoot we create separate business portraits of each member of your team. But all of them tell the same brand story, They all communicate the same corporate values, and they radiate unity, team spirit, and professionality. So it’s not just the same background and the same close-up, it’s the same brand personality. 

We do more than just photographs that capture the faces of your employees. We know how to let them shine through clothing, postures, and facial expressions. Photographer Marfa has been a professional photographer for 16 years, as well as a phototherapist for the last 8 years, with her own developed and patented technique. This technique aims at working with self-esteem. Using a number of uncomplicated but targeted questions, she reveals the personality within minutes. As a result, you have portraits of your team that are natural but effective. 

Team Photoshoot for your rebrand, new product launch, or new website

The team portraits are perfect for your website, for product and service pages. Adding them to your website enlarges your professionalism, customer friendliness, and trust. And as you know in any partnership, business or personal, trust is the key. So we make sure your team portraits radiate it. 

Also when launching a new website a team photoshoot is necessary for its success. Once in a while your business goes through a rebrand, that’s when you might consider this photoshoot too. We’ll provide new photography of your team according to your new brand style and guidelines. 

Many faces, the same good impression

My clients often complained that when adding team pictures to their websites, they needed to invest a lot of time in that process. Often they are different styles, sizes and contain different poses and facial expressions, which is not beneficial for your brand. At any touchpoint with your brand, you want to transmit your brand personality and values to the outer world. So don’t let a few low-quality pictures mitigate that effect. With a team photoshoot service, we will provide you with a portfolio of team pictures in one unique style that is aligned with your brand personality. 

How we work

We work efficiently and quickly. None of your employees will be losing their valuable time. We shoot up to 4 people per hour, up to 20 people per day, and up to 80 people per week. 

We bring a mini studio to your office and set it up in a room with a large window and daylight. We also use the spaces of business centers, such as hall or cafes or break rooms. In this way we show a place itself for future employees that you might want to attract. We work with natural light. This little detail makes the portrait inspiring and beautiful just through the light. This light affects our subconscious mind, as something natural, that sends a signal of being real and good. But if you will go for a studio lighting style photoshoot we are ready to cope with this task. 

All pictures transmit friendliness and professionalism. If you do not like the result, we will refund your money. Your trust means a lot to us.