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Company Photoshoot

Sergio Andreozzi

Show your company diversity, feel your company inclusion

Many companies speak about diversity and inclusion, but often they don’t show it. And that’s a missed opportunity. Do you want to show how diverse and inclusive your company is? Then offering a profile picture photoshoot to your employees is a step in the right direction. 

Often companies offer business photoshoots only to the leadership or senior management team.  But you can do it differently. By offering all your employees a great picture of themselves for all their digital communication channels, like an internet profile or profile for a MS Teams, Zoom or Google account, even LinkedIn. 

The benefits of a Company Photoshoot

The benefits of a company photoshoot are huge. Primarily, you can show diversity on all your channels. And secondly, you create a sense of unity and inclusion among your employees. Employees’ appreciation and loyalty are also great side effects of a company photoshoot. As a bonus, your colleagues might use this picture for their Linkedin profile, which will definitely help you increase your brand awareness. 

Every professional can shine in the business portrait

In the business world, professional photography is being seen as something unnecessary and unimportant. Often professionals dislike to “pose” in front of the camera. Real professionals are focused on their business and therefore a photoshoot is something that does not fit into their mental picture of professionalism. We understand that and therefore we provide an excellent service with a friendly and open approach to each of our clients. It is important for us that our work brings the most pleasant emotions and competent results for you and your employees. Therefore, we work quickly, efficiently, and professionally.

How we work at the Company Photoshoot

During the photoshoot we always carefully monitor the quality of the pictures, we correct the shirts and hair of our clients, and we advise them in advance what to wear. 

During a company photoshoot where everyone is participating, we noticed that some employees are getting excited and some nervous. Photographer Marfa has been a professional photographer for 16 years, and phototherapist for 8 years, with her own developed and patented technique. Using a number of uncomplicated but targeted questions, she reveals the personality within minutes. As a result, your employees have their best business headshot in just 15 minutes.

We used to work with shooting 4 people per hour, 20 per day, 100 per week, meaning that regardless of your company’s size we can make this job done efficiently and effectively. 

All pictures transmit friendliness and professionalism. If you do not like the result, we will refund your money. Your trust means a lot to us.