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When was the last time you updated your business portrait?

Are you interested in having an updated business portrait? It’s important to refresh your headshot every few years, or whenever your appearance changes significantly. This ensures that you have a professional portrait that accurately reflects who you are today. High-resolution photos are ideal as they can be used both in print and online. If you’re […]

How exactly can you make a first impression with a photo?

There are so many articles and books about how to make a great first impression when you meet someone for the first time. We all know how to do it in real life – dress appropriately, smile, shake their hand, maintain eye contact, be confident and show respect. But what doing it online? Making the […]

Who needs a headshot and should I be getting one?

The answer is – almost everybody nowadays needs a headshot. It sets the tone of what message the person is trying to convey professionalism. Where to use a headshot The world is getting increasingly digital every day. Your headshot will be used in many different places and on numerous occasions: your personal or your company […]

5 Reasons Why your Headshot must be made by Professional Photographer

Is your phone an option? I can take a headshot with my phone! – why do I need to have a professional photographer service? Taking a business portrait seems pretty simple, right? But that’s not really true if you want your photo to become an efficient marketing tool. People associate your business with your face, that’s why it’s so […]

Three steps to your best headshot ever!


Should it really be stressful? Many people find preparing for a headshot session slightly overwhelming – difficult and stressful. And it often happens that headshot sessions are associated with taking photos for the school yearbook. The whole process can be tensed or the photos turn out to be far from being nice and favoring you. […]